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+1 (702) 405-8079

Surgeon-Recommended Shapewear Brand specializing in Post-Surgical, Special Occasion and Fitness

Post Pregnancy

Postpartum body shapers aid in repairing Diastasis Recti, a common condition after giving birth in which your abdominal halves have separated while pregnant. They also alleviate swelling after giving birth, as postpartum shapewear wraps around that mama belly, compressing your blood vessels and capillaries, flushing fluids away from your skin.

Mocha & Karamelo's compression garments help keep you comfortable during your recovery process. Each model comes in different fits, sizes, and coverages, so every individual can find the right postpartum garment.

We encourage all clients to call our office at 702-405-8079 Ext 102 and speak with a trained Shapewear expert. We will make style and size recommendations based on your specific procedure(s). 

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